People's Apothecary Herbal Garden

The People’s Apothecary is a project that brings together a community in the process of creating a sustainable herb garden commons.This project encompasses community mobilization, the active creation of this garden, its ongoing maintenance and development, and a diverse series of workshops, skill-shares and learning opportunities. All herbs grown in the space will be available to use by members of the community, You!

This project is facilitated by the Green Tongue Collective on the grounds of the old Vancouver Island School of Art building, on unceeded Lekwungen Territory, (in Quadra Village).

The People’s Apothecary is a herbal commons; it is a living, changing, alternative to the dominant ways our lives are organized in colonial state-capitalist society.

Located on unceded Lekwungen Territories in Quadra village, the Garden aims to create, strengthen and connect alternatives to the exploitative systems where we can develop self-reliance and community resilience through healing herbs, permaculture, and sharing space together.  The project is community-based and includes work parties, social events, skill-shares and other happenings exploring permaculture and herbalism as practical skills, artistic expressions and methods of alternative community building.

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